Turia park

In the city Valencia is a 9 km long park. Did you know that

this gigantic park was before always a river?


This river was well known because of it floods. It had during the years a lot of different kind of floods. But on 14 october 1957

there was the biggest flood the city Valencia ever experienced. This flood got the Nick name the Great Flood of Valencia. There was a 3-day cold drop of heavy rain. The highest point was 5 meter high with water in the city Valencia. The whole city was left without wáter, gas and electricty and around 75% of the

commerercial industry was affected by the flood. Arround 5.800 homes were destroyed and left more or less 3.500 families homeless. This huge flood damaged a big part of the city and costed the lifes of various people.

New River

The goverment of Valencia did not wanted it to happen again.

To prevent this from happening again they made a plan on 21 December 1961 to build a new river, and devide the wáter of the old river into the new river. The new course is 12 kilometers long and 175 meters wide. This new river was rerouted in the south of Valencia. This was 3 kilometers from its original course. They started to work on it in 1964 and finished in 1973. After the old Turía river was empty the goverment of Valencia wanted to build inside of this big open space a highway. People from Valencia were protesting against it. They wanted a Green space in the city. At that moment there was not to much Green spaces in Valencia. Luckily they said to the citizen that they were right and they started to build the 9km long park.

What do you find now in the park?

Now-a-day you find a lot of things in the park. You will find various sportfields, runningpath a bikeroute and many more things. You will find in this area as well buildings like palau de la música or the area of the city of science and art. The Turía park is a nice place to go if you want to get away from the busy city center.