Torres de Serranos


Torres de Serranos was build in an Valencian Gothic style between 1392 and 1398, by Pere Balaguer. The architect was inspired by other Gothic gates like Porta de Sant Miquel in Morella and the Royal Gate of the Poblet Monastery.

This is one of the twelve protection towers that were build to protect the city Valencia. All this towers were connected with one big Wall. Unfortanitely if you walk arround

now-a-day in the big city Valencia you miss 10 of the original towers. We are missing the big Wall connecting the towers with each other as well. There are only some Little parts left of this Wall. The Wall was taken down in 1865 simply to expand the city Valencia. They Where the name Torres de Serranos is exactly from remains a big mistery. Unfortunately it was never written down. There are 2 reasons that are more likely.

1.      The tower was connected to the royal road, connecting Valencia with the district of Els Serrans

2.      The tower could be named after one of the important families behind this tower, the Serrans. They lived in the Street behind this tower.

Functions Torres de Serranos

During the years Torres de Serranos had different functions. The tower didn´t only excist to defend the city Valencia. In the year 1586 one of the main prisons of Valencia burnt down. This prison was especially for the knights and the nobility. The tower was used for a prison untill the year 1887.

Spanish Civil war and Torres de Serranos

During the Spanish Civil war they stored the art of the Prado Museum inside this tower to protect the art as good as posible. To do this they made in December 1936 a 90-cm layer of reinforced concrete inside this tower. Above the concrete it was convered with a layer of 1 meter rice and 1 meter later of soil. The teraces were covered with sandbags. This was to protect the paintings as good as posible in case of an bomb attack. This Project was realised by the architect José Lino Vaamonde.