Information about Parks in Valencia!

The city of Valencia is not only full of history, culture, and modernistic buildings. Valencia is also known for its many parks and gardens. Every single park in Valencia is beautiful to take a look around and escape the feeling of being in the middle of a big city. Every park has its unique touch. The parks are not only used for going inside the nature but as well for events. They give music festivals, book markets, and many more events inside the parks. In July is for example a big fair inside El Jardin del Turia.

El Jardin del Turia is the biggest park in Valencia. It has 1100 000 m². This park is built in an old river bed. When this park was still a river it had a lot of problems with floods. In 1957 they had the biggest flood that was at the highest point 5 meters high with water. At that moment they decided to build a new river and empty the old one. Eventually, they came with the idea to make the empty river bed a park. It is right now full of sports fields like football fields, rugby, basketball and many more sports fields. You will find in this park as well different kinds of buildings.

Los Jardines de monforte is one of the most hidden gardens in Valencia. The park is surrounded by a big wall and is in a location that you would not expect to find a park. The only way to enter this park is to go inside a building that looks like it is forbidden to enter. But at the moment you enter this building you will find a beautiful hidden park of 12 000 m².