Mercado Ruzafa

Location Mercado Ruzafa

This market is located in one of the most frequented and appreciated neighborhoods of the population, Ruzafa. Ruzafa has a bohemian and artistic influence and is also characterized by its avant-garde style which makes it so attractive. This area is also known for its artistic influence, so as you walk around you will notice many beautiful buildings, multiple colors, but also many art galleries (Espai Tactel galleries, contemporary art, and Pepita Lumier, dedicated to illustration), theme bars, small concerts and many other cultural events that will entertain you. It is also the perfect place if you are looking for a cafe or an unusual restaurant or bar. Do not hesitate if you are looking for renewal and originality, this district is made for you.


The history of Ruzafa dates back to the ninth century. Back to the time of Abd Allah al-Balansi, one of the most influential personalities of the time. Over time, with the departure of people who animated the neighborhood, Ruzafa lost its prestige. It is only in the last few years after many changes that the neighborhood has become one of the most fashionable in the city.

Russafa is the result of a mixture of cultures, which you can see for yourself at every corner with the presence of its churches (the baroque church of San Valero and San Vicente Márti), its museums, and its parks.

Mercado Ruzafa

This market with more than 4,780 m² of space, and its 160 stands is the second-largest market in the Valencian community after the central market. Just like the central market, the variety of products is infinite. You will find everything: meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables of all kinds… and even an insect dedicated to the sale of insects and edible flowers.

Finally, if you like to cook, and you want to discover Valencian gastronomy but especially to learn how to cook like a Valencian, you can go to “My first paella”, an organization that will offer you culinary activities in their own premises, buying your own ingredients in the nearby market.


With regard to the market of Ruzafa, it has been designed by Julio Bellot Senent in a brutalist style, and in 2010 a color scheme has been added to the building, signifying the diversity of products that the market houses but also bringing cheerfulness and aesthetics to the building so that it is fully consistent with the artistic image of the area referred to. Cosmopolitan, Avant-guardian, welcoming, and festive neighborhood, if you want a change of scenery this is the place to be.