Mercado Cabanyal

If you are in Valencia, you should try the market of Cabanyal. You will feel on this location the atmosphere of this lively district.


Located in the Cabanal-Canamelar district, close to the beach, In this dynamic area, which attracts both locals and tourists, you will find a rather atypical setting. You will some very colorful and beautiful paintings and buildings while walking around in the street. The Mercat Municipal del Cabanyal is one of Valencia, most emblematic markets.

History Cabanyal

Historically, this neighborhood was in a precarious situation. The inhabitants did not have suitable structures for their food and the sellers could not offer their products to their customers. Later, after many years of difficulties, They decided to build this market. The project was carried out by José Llorca and his brother. With their stunning design, they created the new center of the neighborhood Cabanyal.

Mercado Cabanyal

the market is open to many stalls such as fishmongers, delicatessen, fruitsellers, craft sellers, etc. If you are a fan of healthy living, this place provides everything you need and with excellent quality. Enclosed in this historical place, the specialty of the Cabanyal market was always the fish is sold. Its quality was one of the best of Valencia. Normally the fish was brought by the Cabanyal fishermen. which was so appreciated that even families from the capital came to the city to buy their fish. as they had the guarantee of fishermen and fisherwomen who knew the quality of the fish from their childhood.

It has always been said that the people of Cabanyal and El Canyamelar know, just by looking at the eyes of a fish, how to guarantee its quality and freshness.

Mercado Cabanyal Now-a-day

The current market gives a more modern appearance. It now has over four hundred stalls. Inside you will have as well air conditioning, automatic doors, and other modern innovations. The place provides services like a shopping center, a parking lot, free wifi, a Customer Card, etc. Therefore outside the market, farmers from areas around Valencia continue to sell inside the market. The stallholders have signed a self-management agreement with the city council. This is intending to provide a better service to the public. Moreover, the market is a sounding board where many people know each other. Each stop offers endless possibilities to get to know the vegetables, the fish, etc.

The market has adapted its facilities to modern life, improving the facilities (repetitive facilities), offering promotions. In one word, helping to create a cordial and trusting relationship with the customers.