Information about Markets in Valencia

In the city of Valencia, you will find a lot of different kinds of Markets where you can take a look inside. Most of the markets in Valencia are especially to get some amazing fresh food. A lot of local people come here every day to get their food as fresh as possible. It is also fun to see the different markets just from the inside because the architecture of every market is different and amazing to see. On this page, you can read more information about each market in Valencia and you will find as well the location of each market! If you select the learn more button you will discover everything about our favorite markets in Valencia!



Mercado Central is one of the biggest markets in Valencia. It is easy to find this market because it is in the middle of the city center. This giant building will stick out because this building is 6800 m². Inside you will find more than 400 different stands. They started to build this market in 1914 and it was eventually finished in 1928.

Mercado Ruzafa is in the neighborhood Ruzafa. This neighborhood is full of restaurants, bars, and colorful buildings. In this trendy and colorful neighborhood, you will find Mercado Ruzafa. This building is 4780 m². Inside this market, you will find around 160 stands.

Mercado Cabanyal is in the neighborhood Cabanyal. You will find this neighborhood nearby the beach. This market is one of the oldest markets we have in Valencia. It exist since 1837. At that moment the neighborhood was not a part of Valencia. It was another village with the name Pueblo Nuevo del Mar. This market is 3350 m² and there is a place for around 400 stands.