Jardines de Monforte

Jardines de Monforte is one of our personal favourite parks

in Valencia. It is one of the most hidden park in Valencia. This park is more or less 20 minutes walk from the city center.

About Jardines de Monforte

The park is in the middle of a neighbourhood and surrounded by walls. Because of this you would not notice from the outside that behind these walls is a beautyfull park. It is hard to find the entrance as well. There is a Little building on the Street Calle

Monforte and it seems like this building is not open for public but it is the entrance of the park! From the outside you dont realise that the park is that big but it has more then 12.000 m2! You will find in this park a lot of statues, fountains, flowers and many more stuff!


Jardines de Monforte was build arround 1865 as one of the

first orchards in Valencia. It was often used as a royal vacation location. The royals used the gardens as well to give big parties. The owner of the orchard was Don José Vich. More then half a

centuary later, In the year 1941 the park became a protected area. In the year 1970 the garden came in the hands of the coverment of Valencia and they opened the garden for the public in 1973.