Cathedral Valencia

Valencia is full of Cathedrals. Did you know that most of them are built between the 13th and the 15th century? Valencia was ruled by the mores between 711 and 1238. The mores had another belief system they were Muslim. Because of this reason, most of the cathedrals are build after this period.

Most of the cathedrals in Valencia were build in a Gothic style. However, the construction of the Saint Mary´s Cathedral (Cathedral Valencia) went on for centuries. Because of this reason, the Cathedral of Valencia is now a day a big mix of a lot of different styles. The styles are ranging from romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, and Neoclassical.

Construction Cathedral Valencia


Between 1270 and 1300 the first part was finished of the cathedral. At this time they finished the ambulatory with its 8 radiating chapels. At that moment they finished as well the Almoina Romanesque gate.

Between 1300 and 1350 the crossing was finished and the west side went up as far as the Baroque Apostles gate.

In 1356-1369The Holy Grail Chapel was built. In this chapel, you can find nowadays the Holy Grail of Valencia. In this chapel, the canons discussed as well internal affairs.

In 1459 the architects Frencesc Baldomar and Pere Compte expanded the nave and transepts. They expanded the cathedral to 94 meters in length and 53 meters in width.

The Renaissance ( 15th-16th centuries) had not too much influence on the architecture of the cathedral. In this century they paid especially attention to the decoration. To give a little example the decoration above the high altar was made at that time.

In 1703 the main door of the cathedral was designed by Konrad Rudolf.



During the beginning of the 20th century, they destroyed a part of the entrance gate to expand the square Plaza de la Reina. Some parts of the cathedral were unfortunately destroyed.

During the Spanish civil war in 1936, a part of the cathedral was burned.

In 1972 the government of Valencia gave the task to remove the Neoclassical elements to recover the cathedral to its original Gothic aspect.