The Albufera nature reserve was introduced in prehistoric times. Fishing was legally recognized in the year 1250, when regulations were established for the fishermen’s association El Palmar (inhabitants of Valencia of Russafa who settled permanently on the island of El Palmar for easier work.) and which would then be applied to the fishing grounds of Silla and Catarroja.

Until the lagoon basin was industrialized, fishing yielded significant profits, as the clean waters of the lake provided a great diversity and abundance of fish.

Albufera Natural Park

In 1986, it was declared a Natural Park. It has also received international recognition and in 1990 it was included in the list of wetlands of international importance of the Ramsar Convention. In 1994, it was declared a Special Protection Area.


What to do in Albufera

The park covers an area of 21,120 hectares and is located

Only 10 km from Valencia. Its easy accessibility makes it a perfect place to witness nature. The rich biodiversity of this protected natural area makes it possible to observe a wide variety of fauna and flora throughout the year. In the center of the park, there is an exhibition dedicated to

the Albufera Natural Park and “Racó de l’Olla”. The center also has a bird observatory and an observation tower. The entrance is free, but it is important to make reservations for groups. You can visit the park between Monday and Sunday from 09.00 to 14.00.

El Palmar

El Palmar is located in the middle of the natural park. It is an island located in the middle of La Albufera. It is one of the gastronomic references of the Valencian Community. A place to eat authentic Valencian paella in a privileged environment. There are many culinary specialties that you can taste. On the island of El Palmar there are almost 30 restaurants, all specializing in rice dishes. The town consists of about a few streets and mainly boats, this village has about 900 inhabitants, almost all of whom are either rice farmers or fishermen.

Bike route to Albufera

If you want to stay in shape, you can also bike from Valencia to the park. The entire route has a bike path parallel to the V-15 road. For the enthusiasts: Vuelta a l’Albufera by bike (Albufera tour). The 78-kilometer bike route from Valencia goes through the rice fields of the wetlands and forests along the Mediterranean coast, as well as through the ports and fishing villages around the lake.