Information about Valencia!

Are you new to the city, Valencia? Or do you live here already your whole life? But you want to know either way a bit more about this city? Then you are on a good page! On this page, you will find information about Valencia! We describe the Histories, functions, what happens currently with this spot, and much more information! Valencia is full of amazing places to see! And we would like to take you on a little information adventure with everything about this beautiful city. This is to make your stay here as informative and fun as possible. 

In the city you have a lot of different kinds of Markets, Buildings, parks, and many more things! Did you know for example that there is a secret little garden in Valencia with the name Jardin de Monforte? It is hard to find this garden because it is surrounded by walls. This has something to do with the history of the garden because it was used for celebrities and royal families to have parties in this area. And they wanted to do it in total privacy. Because of this reason, they decided to build a giant wall around it. And because of this specific wall, it is currently one of the most secret gardens we have in Valencia.

This is just one of the many things you can discover on this page. We selected our favorite spots in Valencia to tell you a bit more about it! In every article, there is as well a Google Maps link. If you press it you will have directly the route towards the location you read about! Informative and fun at the same time!

We select here our favorite buildings that are a must-see in Valencia! Over here you will find information about Torres de Serranos, La Lonja de La Seda, and many more buildings!

Do You want to escape the busy city? The parks we listed are perfect for that! Get to know the hidden pearls in the city Valencia to relax or bike around in!

A lot of neighborhoods in Valencia have their own market where you can buy fresh products like fish or fruits.

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