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Bike Rental

With Doyoubike Rental you can rent different kind of bikes.

Bike Tours

special price!

Book an english bike tour for only

25 EURO per person!

Info about the city

Find here all the information about the city Valencia!

Using DoYouBike Rental in Valencia

There is a lot to discover in the big but compact city Valencia.

One of the best ways to do that is by bike!

Instead of struggling with the big streets and avenues you can choose to go with the bike.

You can go through the cosy streets of Valencia, the Túria parc or of course by the bike lane. It is fast, easy and cheap.With a bike you can see things that you cant see with the car or bus.

Bike Rental Valencia

With DoYouBike Rental you can rent a

bike in Valencia!

You can rent them by the hour or by the day!

In the store we will assist you personally

with all the information you need about the city. 

Bike Tour Valencia

It is also possible to go with one of our BikeTours in Valencia.

The biketour is with our professional tour guides!

They will show you everything that you need to know about Valencia!

Update Pandemic

Unfortunately, the world is currently in a pandemic. Many shops no longer have their webpage up to date and you sometimes find yourself in front of a closed shop while it is indicated online that they are open. This will not happen at DoYouBike Rental. We try to keep our customers as up to date as possible.


– After every bicycle rental, the bicycle is thoroughly cleaned with alcohol.

– It is mandatory to clean your hands with alcohol in our shop. (We have it available In the store)

– In the shop it is mandatory to wear a mouth mask.

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Rented a touring bike for 3 months, super awesome bike shop!

Februari 2020


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Very enjoyable morning! Gerwin was a good guide. Excellent service and prices.

May 2021


GetYourGuide comment

Very knowledgeable and supportive staff. They had a specific part, which I needed to set-up my road bike. Big thanks!

04 June 2021

Ulrich Brand

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