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There is a lot to discover in the big but compact city of Valencia. One of the best ways to do that is by bike!

Instead of struggling with the big streets and avenues, you can choose to go with the bike.

You can go through the cozy streets of Valencia, the Túria park, or of course by the bike lane. Visit easy popular buildings like Torres de Serranos, La Lonja de la Seda, or Mercado Central. It is fast, easy, and cheap. With a bike, you can see things that you can’t see with the car or bus.

With DOYOUBIKE RENTAL, you can rent a bike in Valencia!

You can rent them by the hour or by the day!

In the store, we will assist you personally

with all the information you need about the city.

We offer a variety of bicycles. We have city bikes, children’s bikes, electric bikes, tandems, mountain bikes, road bikes, trekking bikes, folding bikes and much more! Not only that, but we even offer electric scooters for the enthusiasts!

Bike Tour Valencia

With this tour you will ride along with a guide. He/she will show you the most popular but also the most secret spots of Valencia! This tour takes a total of 3 hours and will ensure that you have seen a lot and learned a lot about the city!

Tapas tour Valencia

We have a tapas tour which is almost exactly the same as a normal bike tour, only this tour includes tapas!

Users Reviews

“It was a totally good experience. From the bikes, which were fit for purpose, the safe and well thought out route to the excellent guiding by Jose Palop. He was extremely knowledgeable about VALÈNCIA & presented the information in a clear and precise manner. He was mindful of the well-being of each rider.”

March 2023


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“It was great experiance, I’llrecommend to everybody to get to know the city in one day.”

March 2023


GetYourGuide comment

“A very good place to rent a bike.Bikes are good and the personnel which helps you is very friendly and gives good service. This is the place where you have to rent a bike.”

March 2023

Han Eshuijs

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